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Ralph Johnston is possibly the most boring man on earth. He works out of an office 9-5 and organizes his sock drawer in his free time. His secret: his imagination is so powerful it manifests itself in reality.

His finger guns actually work.
He can bounce bullets away from him.

The limits of his powers? No one is quite sure, since he's never bothered to use them before. However, as the gangs in the city of New Umbra begin to act up, and with his secretary's constant urging, Ralph's powers begin to be put to the test.



  • Ralph Johnston
    Ralph Johnston

    A man with super powers. His past is something of a secret--mostly because it never occurred to anyone to ask.

  • Ms. Whoozits
    Ms. Whoozits

    Mr. Johnston's secretary. She is utterly bamboozled to find that her boss possesses such great power and doesn't use it on a regular basis.


  • Enigma

    A mysterious character leading the gangs. Nobody knows where he came from or what his true goals are.


Writer: Stuart Fisher

The mad genius behind this comic. He loves videogames, mayhem, making loud noises, and playing with his cat.

Artist: Madeleine Fisher

Probably not a robot. Definitely not a robot who stays up late in to the night drawing and watching Youtube Videos. (The author's sister.)

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Doodle Video

In this video, Madeleine draws a little Brainstorm doodle in GIMP, a free photo editing program.