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Madeleine: January 29th Interview

Scroll newspaper visits comic book workshop

An interview between a reporter from the BYU-Idaho campus newspaper and the rest of the comic book workshop. Madeleine is one of the participants.

Not necessarily related to Brainstorm specifically, but it's about comics.

Stuart: Going on an LDS Mission!

Called to serve in Scotland/Ireland

As the headline has already so generously explained, the author half of our duo will be serving an LDS mission in Scotland/Ireland. Starting in June, he'll go to the British Missionary Training Center (MTC) and from there he'll be spending two years serving and teaching in the parts of Scotland/Ireland where he's called.

Of course, this means the comic won't be written (at least by him) for the next 2 years, so issue 2 is going to have to take a hiatus. I may take over, but I have a lot of obligations and projects already. (College, my own comic Precious Metal, etc.) We'll have to see what happens. If this issue is our last, thanks for reading!

Wish him luck!